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In 2004 designers Asya Kogel & Nadya Orlova combined their talent and efforts and founded KOGEL Fashion House. They focused on the development and manufacture of clothing.

Since 2010 twice a year Asya Kogel & Nadya Orlova organize KOGEL Fashion House Show and represent their season collection.

Every year the designers also represent a collections of KOGEL Fashion House on the main professional events in Russia — «Defile on the Neva» in St. Petersburg,«Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week» in Moscow, «Ural Fashion Week» in Yekaterinburg, «Festival Della Moda Russa» in Milan, «WHO IS NEXТ» in Paris and makes performances on the best stages of St. Petersburg.

As a designers duet Asya Kogel & Nadya Orlova took the Grand Prix among professional designers in the nomination «costume design» at the International Biennale of Design Modulor in 2005.

Asya Kogel is a member of the Union of Designers of Russia since 2004.

PHOTO by Oleg Stefantsov