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We cooperate with film studios and advertising companies.

KOGEL designers will help to create costumes for the film (costume designer), commercial, video clip or staging photo shoot, as well as for individual scenes. We will help to work through the images of heroes and actors.

Our filmography since 2004 is an impressive list of films and television films:

  • «Three happy women»: studio Green-Film, (Russia) 2014.
  • «Run»: studio Green-Film, (Russia) 2014.
  • «Prince of Siberia»: channel STS, (Russia) 2014.
  • «7 main desires»: director Vadim Sokolovsky, film company Rock, (Russia) 2013.
  • «At the end of the world» (8 episodes) Vladimir Shevelkov director, the film company the RWS, (Russia) 2011.
  • «The Word to a Woman»: a TV series, a film company RWS (Russia) 2010.
  • «Obsessed» (12 episodes) directed by Eugene Zvezdakov, the film company the RWS, (Russia) in 2010.
  • «The daughter-in-law»: director Vladimir Nazarov (Russia), a picture in production.
  • «The Wizard»: director Anres Puustosmaa, Non-Stop Production (Russia) in 2008.
  • «Belyaev»: director Nikolai Khomeriki, film company FILMOKOM (Russia) in production.
  • «Waiting for a miracle»: director Yevgeny Bedarev, film company SONY pictures, (Russia, USA) 2008.
  • «On the Stage»: director Tom Roberts film company TEMA productions, (England) 2008.
  • «Half-glam»: director Artem Antonov, film company Nikola-film, (Russia-Germany) 2006.
  • «I’m Afraid»: director Oleg Kovalov, film company Nikola-film, (Russia) 2005.
  • «Metropolitan fast»: director Artem Antonov, film company Nikola-film, (Russia) 2004.