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Shopping escort and image consulting

Have you ever considered the time you are spending on shopping for the proper clothes, accessories and shoes?

Everybody will agree that it’s very hard to find a garment that one would really like and that would at the same time fit perfectly. Professional stylists know everything about shopping and discount programs of the leading stores. The stylists will help you to cut time you spend on shopping for clothes.

Shopping stylist services:

  • professional advice on the style and fashion trends that would highlight your personality;
  • proper choice of stores and shopping malls;
  • design of the shopping route that would include your personal preferences;
  • professional advice on the most appropriate brands;
  • providing with the discount cards of the leading stores.

Project outline:

      • Analysis of the personality, needs and desires of the customer; drafting of the Agreement.
      • Working out a concrete outline of the future project (setting up the timelines and price range).
      • The customer gets the working sketches and costume designs, recommendations on the style and fashion trends.
      • The customer gets the shopping routs.
      • The stylist picks the items in boutiques and saves them till the customer arrives.
      • Optimal wardrobe — revision of your wardrobe. The stylists will optimize your wardrobe, assemble the existing garments into sets and provide recommendations on how to refresh them and make new additions.
      • Style consulting (w/o escort): analysis of the personality, needs and desires of the customer and design of the shopping routes.
      • The stylist picks the items in boutiques and saves them till the customer arrives.
      • After the job of the stylist is over we will offer you a professional photo session, that will provide you with a maximal satisfaction and an excellent memory of the effort you spent working on your image and style!
      • corporate image: the image of the top managers. Individual consulting on the business style clothes; composing of the business wardrobe.
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      Shopping tours according to the established route. (The shopping escort provides the customer with the discount cards of the stores).

Extra service:


2500 rubles/hr

    If an individual cutting and fitting of the purchased garments is needed, the shopping expert will arrange for it (the customer pays just for the labor).